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8 Best Branded Blackhead Removal Strips

Blackheads are the worst problem that a teenager can face.Most of the people try to find Best Branded Blackhead Removal Strips to solve blackheads.Though it is a common problem faced by all age groups, teenagers are the ones who suffer from this issue. After all, Who loves a face with blackheads? Everyone loves to have a clean and clear face with no marks in it. We all try several home remedies to get rid of blackheads. Having the best blackhead removal strips at home will help you tackle this issue effectively.


These strips remove the marks on the skin and close the pores permanently. It also cleanses the face deeply to remove the blackheads on the face. Nose Strips are used to remove the dirt, oil and blackheads thus making the pores to close gradually. There are various nose strips which help in deep cleansing of the nose by their following features.

How to use a blackhead removal strip:

  1. Wash the face gently with mild soap using sufficient amount of water around the place where you will use the strips.
  2. Take the nose strips with the dry hands and stick the strip around the nose near to the skin and press gently.
  3. Wait for 10-15 minutes until the strip become dry and stiff.
  4. Remove the strip pack from both the edges; you can see your dirt’s and blackheads on the strips.
  5. You can use this pack once in a month or as required.

8 Best brand blackhead removal strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips is a cleanser strip which is used to remove the dirt, pores and to clean your pores. Biore strips are more effective as it cleans the oil and dirt from the skin and does not allow blackheads to stay on your face. The strips size is measured as 1.1 x 2.7 x 5.2 inches and weights to 1.3 ounces.

This pack is essential to remove the excess oil from the skin and does not allow blackheads to remove on your face or nose.  There are two different strips to be used, one for the nose and the other for the chin and other parts of the face. These two strips are used one at a time.

These strips do not have any chemical reactions to the skin as these strips are tested for hypoallergenic and dermatological effects.  They can be used confidentially to any type of skin or even to sensitive skin. Oily skin is one of the causes for the appearance of blackheads. If you clean this oil and dirt regularly, you can avoid pimples and blackhead from appearing.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Combo Pack



Key Features: Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Tested, 24 strips, 12 face strips.

Pros: Easy use, high quality, more effective.

 Nose Blackhead Removal Strips – Pore Masks

Nose Blackhead Removal Strips is a pore mask which removes the blackheads by the natural herbal strips, it removes the entire blackhead and blemishes nose removal mask strip. This Deep cleansing strip is used for the removal of blackhead and blemish of the skin and to make the skin tone eventually. These strips are recommended for 2-3 times a week

After cleansing your face properly apply proper amount evenly on the area around the nose and gently peel off you can see blackheads grease and dead skin in your strips. This is the great pore mask for removing the blackheads permanently. This product weights to 2.4 ounces, and includes 15 nose strips.

This product helps in removing all the dirt, oily and the blackheads from the skin and makes the skin smoother and shiner, this should be followed as per as the instruction given this product will certainly pull out facial hair.

So avoid using the product on the areas near the upper lips and don’t take any of the risks at certain places you may feel itches on the skin, apply more amount of water on the area to get the blackhead removed and then is peeled off to remove dirt.

12 Nose Blackhead Removal Strips


Key Features: 15 nose strips, pore masks.

Pros: Great product, Durable, effective.

15pcx Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner 

 15Pcx Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner Removal Membranes Strips is a thick nose shaped membrane. This product is a low cost but is efficient in cleaning and removing the blackheads that make the pores small with no side effects. The product contains 15pcs and weight to 6 gram.

This product is applied and then waited for 15-20 minutes to dry and then gently peeled off from the 2 sided you can see the black, white, greased oil skin and the dead cells in your strap and is cleaned off well. This product is recommended only 1-2 times per week for more oily skin and for less oily only once in a week is used.

15Pcx Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner Removal Membranes Strips also includes 15 pcs nose mask with it to clean the nose well. This product can also be used for the sensitive skin so that it does not affect the skin and tries to improve the richness.

15pcx Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner

Key features: 15pcs strips, Mineral mud, 15 pcs nose mask.

Pros: low costs, qualified, remove dirt.

Cameleon Nose Pore Strips / Blackhead Removal Strips

Cameleon Nose Pore Strips is very effective it is made of “Tea Tree” which is used for the purpose of cleansing treatment specifically designed to unclog pores and then remove all the unwanted blackheads and whiteheads from the skin.

The strip removes dirt and oil which then clog pores, leaving your skin clear and smooth. You will feel a great difference after just one use, and continued use of Nose Pore Strips works to tighten pores, keeping skin looking and feeling fresh.

This product contains tea tree oil which is used as the extractor and as the deep cleanser to protect the skin. You can use this green tea as the ultimate blackhead removal. All those tiny blackheads that keep popping up on your nose are destructing the beauty.

As an easy solution to control these blackheads you can use Cameleon blackhead removal strips. These nose pore strips with tea tree leaf oil instantly work on your skin to remove the dark heads within a few minutes. This can be used as an easy and quick blackhead removal.

Cameleon Nose Pore Strips – Blackhead Removal Strips


Key features: Tea tree oil, 10 strips.

Pros: good effective, qualified product.

CC Beauty Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner 

CC Beauty Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead strips is very efficient in removing the Blackheads. These are the most branded product and it removes all the blackheads clearly. This is based on the scientific study of the product ingredients and is proven. This product is the latest achievement of Pilaten.

CC Beauty Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead strips remove the greasy, dirty, blackheads purely from the skin and clean the skin gently. It has the magnetic pulling power to remove both the blackheads and whiteheads. This product includes the10pcs x Nose Pore Cleansing Blackheads mask and 1pc remover tool with the package.

This nose strip is one of the best product. By the scientific research of product the strips are made of herbals, and so these strips have the confidence to improve the moisturizing skin and to remove the blackheads.

The strips size is measured as 1.1 x 2.7 x 5.2 inches and weights to 6 grams. This pack is recommended 1 per week. Using often may damage your nose and skins. This product is recommended to use only once in a week.

CC Beauty 10pcs Mineral Mud Nose Blackhead Pore Cleansing Cleaner


Key Features: 10pcs x Nose Pore Cleansing Blackheads mask and 1pc remover tool.

Pros: quality strips, Durable.

MEDca Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips

MEDca Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips is to remove the dirt, oil, blackheads from the skin permanently, it is more effective than the other product. This deep cleansing strips fight with the blackheads with the chemical attack so that it kills the germs from the face.

This Nose Cleansing Pore Strips fights with the blackheads like the magnetic power and then pulls all the bacteria deeply out from the face and rids of the blackheads permanently. MEDca Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips is twice effective than the regular strips which remove all the blackheads, whiteheads, dirt permanently and cleanses more effectively than the other strips.

This product is a very famous product this should be used twice a week and is more effective. The weights to 2.4 ounces. This is recommended top use as per the direction to use.

MEDca Deep Cleansing Nose Pore Strips, 24 Count


Key features: 24 strips, direction to use.

Pros: Durable, branded.

GREEN TEA Nose Pore Strips 

GREEN TEA Nose Pore Strips is produced by Cameleon and so it is also named Cameleon nose pore strips. This strips used the “Green Tea” as the cleanser and are used as the treatment to remove the blackheads. This product is specially designed to clog the pores of the skin and to remove the blackheads, dirt and oil from the nose permanently.

This GREEN TEA Nose Pore Strip removes the excess dirt and oil which then clog pores, and allows your skin to be clean & clear and smooth and make to feel fresh. These strips contain Green Tea Leaf Oil as the essential oil which is good natural remedies to clog pores.

By the use of this strips, you can see the dramatical improvement in the clog pores and then avoid the blackheads perfectly to get rid of. This can be used only twice a week to get a healthier skin. It gives the quick improving results in the cleansing of the skin.

This strips should be used based on the instructions given which are dried and kept for 10- 15 min and then is peeled off, it contains 10 strips in a single package to get the natural remedies on the treatment of the blackheads.

GREEN TEA Nose Pore Strips – Blackhead Removal:

Key features: Tea tree oil, 10 strips.

Pros: Healthy, quick improvement, high quality.

Redcolourful Blackheads Removal Mask: 

Redcolourful Blackheads Removal Mask Blackheads Strips is produced by redcolourful, this product is mainly designed for the removal of the blackheads and the acne. This product is purely brand new and high quality, and is highly cost product. It can be used in the certain situation of enlarged pores and eliminate excess oil.

This product is very effective and powerful in getting rid of the pores when there are excess oil and dirt in the face, these strips are used in removing the blackhead, whiteheads, acne can be removed as per as the instructions are taken.

This strip is applied on the nose for 30 min as a thick layer to get a good result after the cleansing because when you peel off you need to get a good thick layer around the nose to get the good effective results.  This product includes 10 x Blackhead Stripe.

Red colorful Blackheads Removal Mask Blackheads Strips 10Pcs

Key features: 10 x Blackhead Stripe.

Pros: High quality, pure product.

Final words:

Blackheads removal strips are more effective now a days and are needed both for men and women to get a clean and clear skin by removing all the excess oil, dirt, blackheads from the skin and making the skin gorgeous and shiner naturally. This helps in improving the pigmentation of the skin and glow naturally.

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Proactive Blackhead Dissolving Gel benefit and reviews

If you plan to buy the proactive blackhead dissolving gel, I strongly recommend you to go through the various kind of research reviewed about this product because it is a good choice to have it. This further helps you to learn more about this product before buying this proactive blackhead dissolving gel product in the drugstores or online shopping.

About Proactive Blackhead Dissolving Gel

If you are not aware of this product, then this article will help you to know everything about this proactive blackhead dissolving gel. Most of the starters find difficulty in choosing the best product that dissolves the blackheads completely from the skin surface.

The blackheads are the most threatening factor among the young stage people. The common product that always assists with you to get rid of this blackhead problem is the Proactive Blackhead Dissolving Gel.

Purpose of Proactive blackhead dissolving gel

To overcome this negative impact of the blackheads, it is best to go with the trial of proactive blackhead dissolving gel, which provides the possible solution to the blackhead spotting over the surface of the skin.

This product is manufactured by the Proactiv company, which possessed lots of popularity among people in late ninety’s for their all in one purpose solution of skin care treatment kit. This company specially designed this proactive blackhead dissolving gel, to remove the blackheads over the nose, forehead, and neck regions.

It also helps to shrink the large pores created over the surface of the skin and thereby, helps to eliminate the impurity contents out from the skin. The product is effective in treating the overall skin care purposes which are cost-effective due to its well qualified and trustworthy ingredients. This gel remains over a long duration of time and it becomes the best choice to invest on it.

How does this proactive blackhead dissolving gel work?

This proactive blackhead dissolving gel consists of the glycolic acid, which is used to remove the dead skin cell impurities out from the skin surface. It is rich and has a creamy consistency, which does not stick to the skin to remove the whiteheads and blackheads. This proactive dissolving gel helps to remove the dead skin cells out from the clog hair follicles that further tend to create the bumps over the skin region.

Generally, the formation of the blackheads tends to appear over the surface of the nose, chin, and the forehead regions. The black spots will result from the blackhead formation which is set up by means of the dirt and bacterial deposition over the skin surface.

I strongly give a testimony over this proactive product for its ability in removing the blackheads by means of penetrating the pores to dissolve the buildup of dead skin cells and excess sebum formation. It works great in removing the blockage to create the acne over the surface of the skin.Proactive Blackhead Dissolving Gel

Ingredients used in Proactive Blackhead Dissolving Gel

The proactive blackhead dissolving gel helps to dissolve the blackhead with the concentration of the salicylic acid in the range of 0.6 to 2 percent. The main reason behind the usage of this proactive blackhead dissolving gel is their mild acid properties stuffed in the ingredients that help to provide the spot treatment over the blackhead region.

This gel constitutes the ability to pass over various kinds of follicles during the same duration timing. The salicylic acid stuffed in this product helps to drive the acne spots permanently out of the skin surface. This proactive gel consists of Aloe Vera as one of the major ingredients, to relieve the skin surface from the pain and inflammation caused due to the sunburns.

The proactive blackhead dissolving gel contains another important ingredient named as lactic acid, which helps in exfoliating the dead skin cells. This lactic acid helps to promote the natural growth of the skin, thereby, reduces the skin breakouts causing blackheads.  Both the ingredients work against excess oil, sebum, dirt and other impurities. Make use of this gel under the guidance of the prescribed dermatologist to avoid further irritations and itching effect.

Beneficial factors of this Proactive Gel

The proactive gel for dissolving the blackheads consists of numerous beneficial lines which are listed down as follows.

It consists of salicylic acid with the pH range of 4.5, to efficiently exfoliate the skin and pores which are unclogged. This thickly textured gel helps to stay slippery over the skin to avoid the skin from drying out.

It is well suited for all kinds of skin and also works efficiently over the extra sensitive type. This innovative gel helps to formulate the common skin and facial disorders. It helps to reduce the growth of pimples that creates blackheads as a result.

It acts as a deep cleanser for extracting the excess oil and impurities present over the skin surface. This high medicated gel helps to dissolve the blackheads and the pimple growth to provide the effective skin glow.

The proactive gel constitutes of well-hydrated property to get rid of the blackheads thereby helps to promote the skin cell growth in a balanced state. The salicylic acid stuffed in the gel helps to penetrate into the pores to reduce the formation of the dead skin cells. Further, the proactive blackhead dissolving gel helps to maintain the skin in a healthier manner.

Thus, the proactive blackhead dissolving gel is highly recommended and suggested for the people with the blackhead problem. It helps to promote the skin both internally and externally, which are well defined for its skin care treatments.

This product is proven with the effective features in treating the skin to look beautiful for a long duration. I hope this article evidently described the effective treatment of the pimples, dirt, impurities, and blackheads, with this proactive gel.

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Blackhead Dissolving Gel – Get Rid Of Your Blackheads Easily!

Black Head Dissolving Gel- Get Rid Of Your Blackheads Easily

Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel is committed to giving everyone the clear skin, unclog pores, restore softness and clarity to the skin healthy & glowing complexion.With the accumulation of the dirt and impurities, the pores of my skin got clogged as a result of the bacterial build up. Especially, the blackheads catch up the area on my nose, forehead, and the chin as they are the places with excess sebum secretion. Also, they get stubborn and are difficult to be removed too.

Black Head Dissolving Gel- Get Rid Of Your Blackheads Easily

Usually, in a vain, I end up squeezing the blackheads, thinking that they can be dissolved quickly even though it is not a right way to do. I also tried several other methods such as cleansing daily, using blackhead extractor, etc. But they never showed me any visible result instead, they made my skin feel irritation.

Also, I got them again after a day or two. Even the expensive cosmetic scrubs were lacking performance which made my skin dry. Later, I got to know about this blackhead dissolving gel from a friend of mine. For those who ask me what a blackhead dissolving gel is? Here is an article featuring the informative details about the blackhead dissolving gel that you should know.

What is a blackhead dissolving gel?

To dissolve blackheads there are a plenty of ways that are cheap and easy. Among all those ways, using the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel can be quite beneficial and also effective. The blackhead dissolving gel not only dissolves the blackheads but also, help in preventing their onset again.

How does it work?

It is a skincare product, which contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient along with several other ingredients including the lactic acid. The presence of the salicylic acid helps in penetrating deep into the skin layers and benefits the facial skin by picking away the excess oil and dirt from them.

What are the best brands selling it?

There are several brands that market products that claim to remove the blackheads but, all of them are not effective when used on the skin. So, I have carefully picked up products from the best-selling brands to help you dissolve the blackheads. They include the following:

  1. Proactiv + blackhead dissolving gel
  2. Murad Blackhead and Pore Clearing Gel
  3. Blackhead dissolving gel by concept skin naturals
  4. Biore warming anti-blackhead cleanser
  5. Laneige blackhead melting gel

How to use a blackhead dissolving gel?

Follow the instructions below and learn to know the usage of the blackhead dissolving gel.

  • Begin by cleaning your hands with an antibacterial liquid or soap in order to remove the harmful bacteria from the surface of your palm.
  • Use water that is lukewarm and not hot, to wash your face.
  • The next step is to use a cleanser to dissolve the blackhead. You may use any one of the above best brands or consider using the one which you use regularly.
  • Using your fingers as a loofah, gently massage the areas that are prone to get the blackheads. Continue massaging for about 30 seconds to make the blackheads become soft and tender to remove.
  • With clean water which is cool, wash your face until you wipe off the cleansing gel you have already applied.
  • Soon after you have finished washing your face, pick a soft towel and pat dry your face.

With the above steps, you can remove the blackheads effectively.

Check the price on Amazon

Is there an alternative way of dissolving blackheads?

A friend of mine suggested an alternative method of removing the blackheads with the help of an earwax remover. That has to be done by applying a layer of the earwax remover on the problematic area and leaving it to rest for up to 10 minutes of time. It has to be followed by wiping with the tissue paper followed by using a cleansing scrub to remove the earwax remover applied. Dry your face and apply moisturizer over the area for nourishment.

Which is the effective method?

Even though both the methods are meant to remove the blackheads completely, using the ear wax remover did not remove the blackheads quickly. By doing it twice a day, it took about 4 days (depends on the blackheads nature) to get removed completely. When performed regularly, they stopped coming back. As a contradiction, the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel tend to clean the blackhead on a single wash better than the alternative methods. Even the stubborn blackheads came off easily with this method.

Final thoughts of conclusion

Overall, the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel is the best way to get rid of the Blackheads irrespective of whether they are stubborn or docile. Consider purchasing the best brand of the Blackhead removing gel to get rid of the blackheads effectively. However, make a skin test by applying it on a smaller area of the skin and confirm that it does not harm your skin.

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Skintactix Blackhead Dissolver Review

Skintactix Blackhead Dissolver Review

A common problem faced by many people of this generation is the blackheads. People generally using Skintactix Blackhead Dissolver for better skin care. treatment. Blackheads are caused due to pimples appearing in various regions of the body. Whenever the debris of pimples comes in contact with the oxygen in the air, blackheads are formed.

Skintactix Blackhead Dissolver Review

To keep the skin clean and healthy, these blackheads should be eradicated completely from the skin. There are many treatments and methods available for treating blackheads from the skin. One among them is the Skintactix blackhead dissolver.

What Is A Blackhead?

The blackheads are the combination of oil, serum, and cellular components. The blackheads are open to the skin surface and they become harder when the skin surface is exposed to oxygen.

The hardened blackheads are referred as comedones. In many peoples, the bacteria get added to these comedones and this problem is termed as acne. This problem will block the follicles of the skin and cause problems to the skin health. So, to maintain a healthy skin, one should eradicate the blackheads completely from their body.

Skintactix blackhead dissolver

Skintactix blackhead dissolver is a blackhead dissolver that can be used for treating blackheads in the skin. This product is one among the popular products for blackhead removal. It treats the blackheads effectively and hence you can see effective results within three weeks. The important points and working of skintactix blackhead dissolver are given below.


This product is made up of 100% natural materials such as the plant extracts. These plant extracts remove the blackheads effectively from the skin and it makes the skin clean. Other than this, these products treat and protect the skin from external damage. The use of natural products does not harm the skin and hence this product can be used for all skin types.


Paraben is a preservative commonly used in cosmetics. This is a chemical that preserves soaps, moisturizers, shaving creams, etc. This preservative produces both positive and negative actions. This product does not have paraben preservative and hence, it can be used by all.


The person with affected skin should use this dissolver twice a day. Upon regular usage, this product will clear the black spots within three weeks from the face.

This treatment clears the blackheads slowly but efficiently. After using these products continuously for about two weeks, you could feel that the blackheads problem is getting worse rather than curing. This is because the dissolver first acts upon the inner layer of the blackhead, make it visible and then it removes the blackheads. So, if you feel that your problem is getting worse, then it is clear that your skin is showing positive response towards the dissolver.

Other than removing blackheads, this dissolver also removes the impurities from the pores and tightens the pores effectively. This dissolver protects the skin effectively and keeps the follicles of the skin open.

Hence Skintactix blackhead dissolver dissolves all the blackheads and pores effectively from the skin. Try this product and share your reviews in the box given below.

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How To Dissolve Blackheads On Face?

How To Dissolve Blackheads On Face

Blackheads are known to spoil the beauty of the face. Most of them are trying to Dissolve Blackheads On Face with the help of good skin care practices.

How To Dissolve Blackheads On Face

We have given a list of tips that you can try at home to get the best results.

 How to Dissolve Blackheads On Face?

Follow the instructions below, How to Get rid of the Blackheads?

  1. You should provide a steam bath to your face. The steam can be prepared by mixing the lemon in the hot water. Dip a towel in the hot lemon water and place the cloth on the blackheads to soften and dissolve the blackheads.
  2. Mix oatmeal, brown sugar, and olive oil together and form a paste. Suppose if your skin is oily, you can use the water instead of olive oil. Apply them on the face and massage it in a circular motion. Finally, rinse it off with warm water.
  3. It is highly recommended to use the cream which contains alpha-hydroxy acids, which is used to dissolve the acids that tend to cause the blackheads. You have to apply it sparingly on your face.
  4. You can use an antibacterial cream. Be aware of the fact that after applying it to your face, it slightly irritates your skin and then soothes your skin.
  5. Applying the best quality moisturizer, can clear your existing blackheads and prevent the future ones.
  6. Pour honey on your fingers and apply it to the affected areas of the face. As it acts as an antibacterial and antioxidizing agent, it plays a very good role in clearing the blackheads.
  7. Spread the white of egg on the face and leave it for few minutes. It keeps your skin smooth and soft.
  8. Mix the rosewater with some essential oils and clay, form a paste and then apply it on your face. After few minutes, wash it off with warm water.
  9. Combine the cinnamon with honey and form a paste. Apply it on the face. As the cinnamon is an anti-bacterial spice, it is used to dissolve Blackheads on the face.
  10. Oatmeal and water are used to heal the blackheads by removing the excess oil and impurities from the skin and makes the skin stay always fresh.
  11. As the lemon juice consists of alpha -hydroxy acids, citric acids, they are used in removing the dead cells and to regenerate the new cells. Also, it improves the condition of the skin.
  12. Upon consuming the foods which are rich in fibers and vitamins, helps to provide the essential nutrients beneath the skin. Thus, it makes the skin better.
  13. The baking soda is a kind of extractor, which plays the best role in pulling out the blackheads from the face.
  14. As turmeric seems to be the best anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant agent, they are used to treat the blackheads effectively. Mix the turmeric with water and apply it on the face to dissolve Blackheads.
  15. You are recommended to use the tips carefully, to say goodbye to the blackheads. Let us know your comments about the review.

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