Blackhead Dissolving Gel – Get Rid Of Your Blackheads Easily!

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Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel is committed to giving everyone the clear skin, unclog pores, restore softness and clarity to the skin healthy & glowing complexion.With the accumulation of the dirt and impurities, the pores of my skin got clogged as a result of the bacterial build up. Especially, the blackheads catch up the area on my nose, forehead, and the chin as they are the places with excess sebum secretion. Also, they get stubborn and are difficult to be removed too.

Black Head Dissolving Gel- Get Rid Of Your Blackheads Easily

Usually, in a vain, I end up squeezing the blackheads, thinking that they can be dissolved quickly even though it is not a right way to do. I also tried several other methods such as cleansing daily, using blackhead extractor, etc. But they never showed me any visible result instead, they made my skin feel irritation.

Also, I got them again after a day or two. Even the expensive cosmetic scrubs were lacking performance which made my skin dry. Later, I got to know about this blackhead dissolving gel from a friend of mine. For those who ask me what a blackhead dissolving gel is? Here is an article featuring the informative details about the blackhead dissolving gel that you should know.

What is a blackhead dissolving gel?

To dissolve blackheads there are a plenty of ways that are cheap and easy. Among all those ways, using the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel can be quite beneficial and also effective. The blackhead dissolving gel not only dissolves the blackheads but also, help in preventing their onset again.

How does it work?

It is a skincare product, which contains salicylic acid as an active ingredient along with several other ingredients including the lactic acid. The presence of the salicylic acid helps in penetrating deep into the skin layers and benefits the facial skin by picking away the excess oil and dirt from them.

What are the best brands selling it?

There are several brands that market products that claim to remove the blackheads but, all of them are not effective when used on the skin. So, I have carefully picked up products from the best-selling brands to help you dissolve the blackheads. They include the following:

  1. Proactiv + blackhead dissolving gel
  2. Murad Blackhead and Pore Clearing Gel
  3. Blackhead dissolving gel by concept skin naturals
  4. Biore warming anti-blackhead cleanser
  5. Laneige blackhead melting gel

How to use a blackhead dissolving gel?

Follow the instructions below and learn to know the usage of the blackhead dissolving gel.

  • Begin by cleaning your hands with an antibacterial liquid or soap in order to remove the harmful bacteria from the surface of your palm.
  • Use water that is lukewarm and not hot, to wash your face.
  • The next step is to use a cleanser to dissolve the blackhead. You may use any one of the above best brands or consider using the one which you use regularly.
  • Using your fingers as a loofah, gently massage the areas that are prone to get the blackheads. Continue massaging for about 30 seconds to make the blackheads become soft and tender to remove.
  • With clean water which is cool, wash your face until you wipe off the cleansing gel you have already applied.
  • Soon after you have finished washing your face, pick a soft towel and pat dry your face.

With the above steps, you can remove the blackheads effectively.

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Is there an alternative way of dissolving blackheads?

A friend of mine suggested an alternative method of removing the blackheads with the help of an earwax remover. That has to be done by applying a layer of the earwax remover on the problematic area and leaving it to rest for up to 10 minutes of time. It has to be followed by wiping with the tissue paper followed by using a cleansing scrub to remove the earwax remover applied. Dry your face and apply moisturizer over the area for nourishment.

Which is the effective method?

Even though both the methods are meant to remove the blackheads completely, using the ear wax remover did not remove the blackheads quickly. By doing it twice a day, it took about 4 days (depends on the blackheads nature) to get removed completely. When performed regularly, they stopped coming back. As a contradiction, the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel tend to clean the blackhead on a single wash better than the alternative methods. Even the stubborn blackheads came off easily with this method.

Final thoughts of conclusion

Overall, the Murad Blackhead Dissolving Gel is the best way to get rid of the Blackheads irrespective of whether they are stubborn or docile. Consider purchasing the best brand of the Blackhead removing gel to get rid of the blackheads effectively. However, make a skin test by applying it on a smaller area of the skin and confirm that it does not harm your skin.

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