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Bremenn Botanicals Skin Perfecting Black Tea  Facial Cream combine to form one of the most powerful skin-perfecting formulas on the market. These creams contain black tea extracts for anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, visibly tightens the skin and reduces sagging, supports skin firmness and clarity, improves moisture for a noticeably smoother complexion, stronger and firm facial skin. In fact, a facial cream with black extract, It gives you a smooth face, since the plant is known to have tons of skin essentials. Compared to other cosmetics, Black tea skin-perfecting facial cream is an ultimate choice for everyone.

What is Black tea?

Black tea has a long history, scientifically known as Camellia sinensis, it acquires its name from its dark color when brewed. Basically, tea has high qualities of antioxidants and phytonutrients. These components are great in fighting free radicals which are responsible for fast skin aging. Unlike black, coffee tea has low levels of caffeine hence heart friendly. Moreover, it is used as beverages and also incorporated in anti-aging and anti-wrinkles facial creams.

What are the benefits of Black tea Skin Perfecting Facial Cream?

  • Well, Black tea has a lot of benefits, especially to the skin.
  • Relieves stress
  • Reduces free radicals from the body
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Great anti-aging and anti-wrinkling
  • Protects skin from UV rays damage
  • Minimizes skin blemishes
  • Boost skin regeneration
  • Lowers skin infections

Now, having said all that, we have selected one of top performing black tea Skin perfecting facial cream you can choose for your skin.

BREMENN BOTANICALS Black Tea Skin Perfecting Facial Cream Features: 

  • Tea plant extracts

The Bremenn Botanical black tea skin perfecting cream is a premium product designed to work on all skins. Its formulation aims at keeping skin supple, wrinkle and aging free. Unlike most of the facial creams which are laden with harmful chemicals, this one is exceptional. It boasts natural tea plant (Camellia sinensis ) leaves extract. With this, it means that your skin benefits more from plenty antioxidants, omega 3 fatty acids and other nutrients available in the tea plant. With free radicals gone, you will notice skin improvement within a short time.

  • Outstanding skin hydration

Another unique thing with this Skin perfecting Black Tea facial cream is the high ability to hydrate your skin. This also is attributed to the black tea, which has an outstanding ability s to keep skin hydrated. With a unique formulation, it has the ability prevent skin from dehydration, thereby keeping it soft and flexible. In the long run, Skin perfecting Black Tea facial cream helps to keep away wrinkles and boost your overall look.

  • Restores and defends the skin

Notably, the Bremenn botanical Black tea Skin perfecting facial cream is a good solution for enabling skin regeneration. As we have mentioned earlier, black tea is very effective in promoting skin cells development. Concerning this, the damaged skin due to blemishes, the cream is effective in improving general skin development. Therefore, if you have aging skin, cracking/dry skin, and wrinkling skin, the cream will efficiently restore your original look.


  • High skin moisturization
  • Soothes, tighten and eliminate facial wrinkles
  • Protects skin from accelerated aging
  • Unique formula with ample antioxidants


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Q: it this product durable

A: it is a durable product bearing in mind, it comes with 1.0 oz. container

Q: Does it cause skin reactions?

A: Normally, it doesn’t. But, if you suspect your skin, is sensitive, it’s advisable to test in a small area.


Getting ideal BREMENN BOTANICALS Black Tea Skin Perfecting Facial Cream helps to keep your skin youthful without adverse side effect can be a tricky exercise. But, the one we have picked boats a lot of benefits to skin due to the presence of black tea extracts. With a combination of jojoba oil, you can bet your trust on it. Therefore, don’t go through knife to tighten and eliminate wrinkles, try Black tea based facial creams.

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