How can I prevent aging skin?

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Aging skin is a big problem for many people nowadays. Even young people are encountering pre-mature skin aging due to a combination of factors such as pollution, cosmetics, acne treatments among others. Though many of causes are can be prevented, others are inevitable and hard to avoid. Although one can’t escape natural aging, accelerated aging is what concerns many people. Now, if you have been struggling with aging skin, let’s check some of the ways to prevent this.

What are some of the causes of skin aging?


Excessive intake of alcohol

Unhealthy diet

 Dehydration

 Environmental pollution

 Skin care products

 Acne treatment

 Ways to prevent skin aging

Cut the level of alcohol intake

how many units of alcohol per day
Cut the level of alcohol intake
Alcohol is one of the biggest skin enemies. Though drinking in

moderation is not harmful, excessive alcohol use causes a lot of water loss from the body. Bearing in mind skin is in contact with the environment, it causes a lot of damage. Mostly, when the skin is dehydrated, it loses elasticity leading to cracking. Consequently, with a prolonged dryness, it leads to wrinkles and premature skin aging.

Keep your body adequately hydrated

Drinking enough water daily is sufficient to keep your skin supple. Water forms 75% of the total body weight. Therefore, its a vital component in keeping body cells turgid. In the event of dehydration, skin cells will lose turgidity as well as elasticity. In the long run, constant dehydration will result in the development of wrinkles. Experts recommend 15 cups for men and 11 cups for women of water daily.

Eating a lot of fruits and vegetable

Fruits and vegetables are one of the healthiest food you can offer to your body. Vegetable, contains a lot of essential nutrients, vitamins, water, and minerals. On the other hand, fruits are excellent sources of antioxidants. These are important in keeping the body healthy while kicking out all toxins. Additionally, antioxidants are great in eliminating free radicals from the body which are the main cause of skin aging.

Protect your skin from sun damage

Sun is beneficial, but to some extent, it can be detrimental to your skin health. The most destructive sun rays are the Ultra Violet rays which can result in cell damage. Since you can’t live without encountering the sun, it is advisable to take preventive measures. Applying strong sunscreen before going to the beach is ideal for keeping your skin safe. Also, clothes with UV filtering ability are great considerations whenever walking outside.

Avoid a processed food

why are processed foods bad
Avoid a processed food

The processed food though loved by many, they are not skin friendly. In fact, junks are the primary sources of the highest numbers of free radicals in the body. When the fat is heated to high temperature, it disintegrated creating unstable particles called free radicals. When they get into the body, the causes cells instability. This is serious especially to skin as it causes loss of elasticity. Consequently, the skin loses elasticity and leads to premature aging.

 Choose  Best quality skin care products

Cosmetics are great in skin conditioning. However, they can be the reason why you are experiencing an aging skin. Most products with added dyes, fragrances are not ideal for applying on your skin. These products cause skin pore clogging which leads to the development of pimples and acne. In the process of extracting these blemishes, it might leave scars which affect quality skin leading to wrinkling. Also, burning cosmetics are unhealthy to skin and will just accelerate premature skin aging. You shall choice best quality skin care product.

Wash face as recommended

best face wash for sensitive skin
Wash face as recommended

Washing your face might be seen as a regular exercise. But, in the real sense, it is an absolute way of keeping your skin healthyWashing face removes toxins from the skin while unclogging your pores. With regular face washing, it helps to keep to keep your skin conditioned and performing normally.


Prevent aging skin & Keeping skin elastic and healthy can be easy if you use the right processes. But, it can be hard if you stick to unhealthy caring methods. Though we have numerous ways, the above motioned are easy to follow at home without spending fortunes. Don’t let your skin get premature aging; you can prevent it now.

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