Home remedies for dry and scaly skin

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Although it can be a symptom of a serious underlying problem, dry skin can also be caused by environmental factors and lifestyle changes. Other causes include certain medications, allergic reactions, harsh body products and improper clothing. Scaly skin, on the other hand, it is a condition where one loses the outer layer of the skin due to several factors, mainly medical conditions. Once the skin becomes dry, it cracks leading to this outer layer falling off. Some of the home remedies for dry and scaly skin include:

Controlling room temperature

Different weather seasons bring different adverse changes that can affect the skin if one isn’t properly prepared. During summer, intense heat can cause sunburns and dehydrations that will most likely lead to having scaly skin. The same case applies to winter season during which the skin can become too dry due to the cold. During both seasons, it’s important that you make sure you have functioning humidifier and air conditioning to help control the room temperature. Enough humidity in the house will help prevent your skin from losing moisture thereby keeping you hydrated and reducing chances and intensity of dry and scaly skin.

Petroleum jelly : 


petroleum jelly vaseline
Petroleum jelly

Vaseline, as it is commonly known, is one of the most commonly used home remedies for dry and scaly. The fact that it’s readily available and accessible only makes it the better choice. It is capable of acting as a protective layer on the skin thereby locking in moisture and acting as a healing agent. Like coconut oil, adults as well as children can use it as a remedy for dry and scaly skin.

Coconut oil :

how to use coconut oil
Coconut oil

Also full of fatty acids, coconut oil has the power to bring together broken skin cells thereby causing the skin to become smooth. It is a healthy product that can be used in all parts of the skin even the most sensitive areas without feeling any adverse side effects. Even when used on its own, this oil will hydrate the skin when used on a daily basis.

Oatmeal :

oatmeal face mask

Full of agents that remove toxins from the body and those that reduce swelling, oatmeal is a great remedy for sensitive skin problem especially when it becomes dry and scaly. To use at home, grind the oatmeal into fine powder before mixing it in warm water and soaking in it for a few minutes. For best results, do this daily and apply a moisturizing lotion after the bath.

Omega 3 Essentials :

complete omega essentials natura
Omega 3 essentials

Some food items with certain ingredients can damage skin cells and cause the skin to become dry and scaly. One of the most effective home remedies for such a condition is to eat food rich in omega 3 like fish. These contain fatty acids that rejuvenate the skin making it glow. Other foods like beans, peas and lentils are also beneficial since they are rich in antioxidants that help the skin remove toxins ensuring it remains healthy.

Changing bathing routines :

daily bath routine
Changing bathing routines

Sometimes taking showers or baths that are too hot can lead to skin dryness. For this reason, changing the amount of time you spend in the bathtub or shower especially with hot water is one of the best skin care home remedy you can try. Try taking cold or warm showers and avoid hot water.

Aloe Vera :

aloe vera skin
Aloe Vera

This remedy may not have the best taste or smell, but it has the most amazing healing power. Other than using the natural plat, you can buy skin products made from aloe vera. If you choose the natural plant, pluck a leaf and squeeze the juice in your bath water before soaking in. for those who may choose the manufactures products like soap or body lotion, it’s best to ensure that it doesn’t have other ingredients that will cause more damage to your skin. Aloe vera will keep you nourished and heal your skin removing any blackhead in the process.

Water :

importance of water essay

All beauty tips include enough consumption of water. Other than acting as an anti oxidant, water keeps your body hydrated reducing chances of dryness. Ensure you drink plenty of water on a daily basis, making sure that if you cannot manage the recommended 8 liters you drink at least 2 liters.

Conclusion :

As part of the skin care tips, it’s important that you only use products that are manufactures using organic ingredients and avoid those on trial basis. If there’s no improvement after using the above remedies, it’s better to seek medical advice from a dermatologist to rule out the possibility of underlying serious problems.

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