How to remove Blackhead? 4 ways remove Blackheads easily!

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Blackhead is a bothersome condition to a quite good portion of the population. However, with simple techniques, it is possible to prevent and eliminate them. But the main question that lingers in many peoples mind is how to remove blackheads? If you have been asking yourself these questions, relax as we are going to find out.

What are blackheads?

Before getting into the details, let us look what the Blackheads are? These are dark spots which occur on the skin surface mostly on the face and at the back. They occur when the skin pores are clogged with dead cell and sebum ( sebum is an oily protective substance found on the skin). When the resulting material is oxidized, it forms dark lesions known as blackheads. Mostly these spots occur on the nose and chin. The main reason why they invade these regions is a high number of pores concentration. However, they aren’t restricted to these two areas, they can also appear on other body parts, for example, instance, scalp, face, cheeks, chest, back among others. If you have this condition, the best way is to look for the ideal blackhead removal treatment. Remember, the form of therapy you choose, might not work with another person.

Causes of blackheads

This a disturbing question that many people ask themselves. But your guess might be true or wrong. Among available speculation, the most speculated is poor hygiene. Blackhead development has nothing to do with body hygiene. Knowing the real causes helps in ensuring you pick the right remedy. Below we have some of the factors which lead to the development of blackheads.


Sometimes, conditions arise due to genetic makeup. Since it is genes which control the hormone production, this leads to different to development of blackhead across individuals. Some people who have large quantities of androgen, they have higher chances of getting this condition.

Sebum production

Sebum is a primary component of blackhead. Although it is essential to the body, having it in excess can be a be undesirable. When you combine overproduction of sebum and impassive body tissue shedding, it becomes proper ways to facilitate blackheads.


Cosmetics are our daily friends. But sometimes can be the real reason why you have those blackheads. Some of the notorious products are the pore blocking makeups. Some of the oily cosmetics like cocoa butter among others are known to trigger the development of acne and blackheads.

Other factors which can lead to development of blackheads are

  • Medications,
  • Unbalanced skin pH
  • Body hormonal change
  • Excessive pollutant like dust in the air

 Is it recommended|safe to remove Blackheads?

Well, having blackheads either on the nose or chin is uncomfortable psychologically. It is this reason why people struggle a lot to get rid of them. Removal of blackheads can be safe if you follow the right procedure. This should be easy and pain-free. Some of the recommended methods include blackhead extractors, tools, masks and dissolving creams. If they are pressed or wrongly extracted, they can be painful and lead to the development of scars.

 How to remove blackheads

Now, many individuals with blackheads keep on asking which is the best way to eliminate them. And, they still wonder whether these means will wipe out blackheads from their skins. Fortunately, these days we have many ways which you can utilize to get rid of these spots. In this part, will look at the means to remove blackheads at home.

Blackhead removal tools

Blackheads removal tools are quite familiar with many people. They are often used for extraction of acne, whiteheads, and pimples. As the name says, these tools are specially designed to facilitate safe removal of comedones. The tools are manufactured featuring surgical grade stainless steel to ensure maximum skin care. In addition, blackhead extractor tools are available in many stores and easy to buy and use.

Now, using extraction tools can be challenging, and a lot of care is needed. This is because it involves piercing on the pimple or blackhead which can cause irritation. Sometimes it is easy to cause skin damage using Comedone extractor tools. However, they are favorite among the dermatologists.

Bestope Blackhead Remover pore strips

For people with Blackheads in the nose region, pore strips are the best options. They are designed like bandage which you stick on your face.

The idea behind this is to ensure you unclog your nose pores. Pore strips perform like band aids. They have strong, adhesives. It is this glue that helps strip to stick into your nose. After a while when you rip the strip away, it will reveal even the smallest blackheads on your nose. Although strips bands do little in removing Blackheads, they are great in exposing them. After that, you can work out using other removal mechanisms.

Additionally, strips pres are great in unclogging the skin pores in your nose, hence preventing more blackheads.

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Vacuum blackheads extractors

Of late, with the rapid technological development, busting blackheads has become comfortable and safe. Vacuum blackhead extractors are hands held gadget which uses suck out those blackheads. Through the use high pressure, the device can remove blackheads. Amazingly, unlike other methods like use of exfoliation tools, vacuum are painless and non-irritate.

However, for you to obtain best results, it is ideal to choose excellent vacuum extractor.

Besides having blackhead removal ability, these gadgets are multi-purpose. Some are enabled with pore cleaning function which gives them the capacity to unclog skin pores. Also, others equipped with microdermabrasion (we’ll look at it in next section) ability which assists in skin exfoliation.




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 Blackhead remover masks

If you have suffered blackhead, you might have heard about peeling masks. These masks are efficient as long as you do it correctly. There are various face masks you can use to get rid of blackheads. Mostly, the available are made of powders and are available in many stores. Besides, there are other made from clay among others.

When applied to your skin, the charcoal paste helps in exfoliating dead cells in your skin. This means that your skin feels fresh while unclogging pores thereby minimizing chances of blackhead development.

The only care is to ensure that your charcoal paste doesn’t contain harmful chemicals which can irritate skin.



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Blackhead Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion is a process of skin exfoliation using tiny crystals sprayed on the skin. This method is perfect for people with blackheads, acne, and scars. Mostly, the process works best for people with a dull skin. Apart from being ideal for blemishes, it is also excellent for age spots. Though perfect for small skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads, it is not suitable for deep acne, stretch marks, and wrinkles.



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Blackheads are not complicated to eliminate as long as you use the ideal technique. Maintaining your skin sweat free, avoiding oily skin care products significantly helps to keep away blackheads. Using the mentioned methods of eliminating though might be efficient, it will take some time to see results.

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